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Admissions Policy

ADC Emergency Procedures - Zumbrota

Appeal and Grievance Policy

Corporate Compliance Policy on Anti-Fraud and Waste

CSSP Addendum/Employment Goals for Individuals Served

Death of a Person Served

Grievance Policy

Health Policies and Procedures

Incident Reporting Procedure

Medication Administration / Medical Treatment

Medication Adminstration Record

Person Centered Choices

Policy on Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Policy on Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Positive Support Policy

Reviewing Incidents and Emergencies

Rights to Choose and Participate in Community Integration

Right to Personal Privacy, Security & Respect for Individuals Served

Rights of Person Served

Rights Restrictions

Rights Restrictions Approval Form

Transportation Policy

Unrestricted Use

Use of People First Language

Vulnerable Adult Maltreatment Policy

Vulnerable Adult Notification to an Internal Reporter

Serious Incident and Emergency Report

Support Team Notification Letter

Vulnerable Minors Maltreatment


Emergency Evacuation Procedures:


Red Wing


New Options- Shakopee - Armed Intruder Procedure

New Options-Shakopee - Tornado Drill Procedure

Fire Drill Procedures:

Eagan East

Eagan West

New Options- Shakopee

Program Abuse Prevention Plans:

Eagan, East & West

Adult Day Care - Eagan


Red Wing


Adult Day Care Program - Zumbrota