Many companies have found ProAct to be a helpful partner in assisting employees who have been injured recuperate and gradually resume their usual activities. At both the Eagan and Red Wing locations, employees of local companies who have been injured get back in the swing of things, while providing useful services for ProAct participants.

For example, in Red Wing, recovering workers from Red Wing Shoe Company have been involved in what is called the Temporary Alternative Duty, or TAD, program, helping in the Day Training and Habilitation area and other situations. In Eagan, over the past few years nearly 20 employees of U.S. Foodservice have taken part in the injured worker program. Many serve as temporary supervisors for ProAct participants, while others may help in the quality control or assembly areas.

Employers pay the workers their full salaries during their time at ProAct as they prepare themselves to return to their regular positions.